Testosterone and Breast Cancer Prevention

Actual Study Results :

“Testosterone (T) is the most abundant biologically active hormone in women. Androgen receptors (AR) are located throughout the body including the breast where T decreases tissue proliferation. However, T can be aromatized to estradiol (E2), which increases proliferation and hence, breast cancer (BCA) risk. Increased aromatase expression and an imbalance in the ratio of stimulatory estrogens to protective androgens impacts breast homeostasis. Recent clinical data supports a role for T in BCA prevention. Women with symptoms of hormone deficiency treated with pharmacological doses of T alone or in combination with anastrozole (A), delivered by subcutaneous implants, had a reduced incidence of BCA. In addition, T combined with A effectively treated symptoms of hormone deficiency in BCA survivors and was not associated with recurrent disease. Most notably, T+A implants placed in breast tissue surrounding malignant tumors significantly reduced BCA tumor size, further supporting T direct antiproliferative, protective and therapeutic effect.”

Source: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26160683/

What these study results mean is that bio-identical testosterone therapy can actually REDUCE a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer. Even patient’s who had prior breast cancer did not show an increased risk for developing the disease again on testosterone therapy, with or without and estrogen blocker as well.  In fact, some cutting edge medical studies have even been using testosterone pellets with an estrogen blocker to decrease tumor size in the breast for active breast cancer patients. These results are truly groundbreaking considering an overwhelming benefit of testosterone replacement therapy, especially pellet or implant therapy.

As bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, especially in the form of pellets has exploded in recent years, many are led to believe that it is a new development in hormone replacement therapy.  The truth is however, that pellets have been utilized and studied since 1939!  That means that millions of people have been treated safely, and successfully with BHRT pellets in the form of both estradiol and testosterone for over 80 years!

So what are pellets?

How are they different from other deliveries?  What is the advantage?  To help understand why BHRT pellets are so optimal in comparison to other forms of HRT, we must first understand what pellets are, and how they work.  Bio-identical pellets come in the form of testosterone and estradiol pellets.  Both are all naturally derived from plant sources, and are chemically identical to the hormones that are naturally occurring in your body.  They are extremely pure, with the best quality pharmacies producing pellets that are 99.95% hormone , and 0.05% or less stearic acid, or cholesterol, used to bind the product into a very small cylinder, what we know, as a pellet.

Pellets come in multiple strengths, and sizes.  Due to the various strengths available, highly individualized dosing can be achieved, based on a person’s activity level, age, weight, and lab values.  Larger Testosterone pellets intended for male patients last typically 4-6 months.  Smaller testosterone pellets and estradiol pellets intended for female clients typically last 3-4 months before the return of symptoms.  The pellets are placed into the fatty, subcutaneous tissue where they will be released by the patient’s individual cardiometabolic output, not time.  This is a common misunderstanding with pellet therapy, and part of what makes them so effective.  The special delivery of testosterone or testosterone and estradiol based on activity is the closest that we can get to our bodies”normal” release and production of hormones.

Pellets are without a doubt, the most effective, and certainly most convenient form of BHRT delivery available.

This means that consistent delivery can minimize or eliminate the roller coaster effect of HRT, and minimize or eliminate unwanted side effects of HRT.  Pellets are without a doubt, the most effective, and certainly most convenient form of BHRT delivery available.  In fact they are the only form of long term consistent dose delivery available for testosterone in a natural, non synthetic form. Given that the procedure is minimal, virtually painless, with little downtime noticed after insertion, pellets have become an overwhelmingly well received option for those suffering from either menopause, peri-menopause, or andropause, all of which can begin to cause symptoms as early as age 30 in both female and male patients.

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