01. Consultation

Schedule your free consultation with a medical provider to see if you qualify.

02. Blueprint

Receive a full comprehensive blood panel and walk through what every number means with one of our medical providers.

03. Dosing

Our comprehensive Body Blueprint allows the medical provider to accurately dose patients based off of their blood test results.

04. Results

Once qualified, you will receive a personalized hormone optimization plan to ensure and maintain maximum results.

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What exactly is WePellet?

WePellet is focused on improving men and women’s health by addressing internal issues through a natural approach. WePellet specializes in bio-identical hormones, weight loss, nutrition, acupuncture, and a variety of other services. Our individualized approach gives people the opportunity to recapture their youth and optimize a healthy lifestyle.

What is BHRT?

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is a treatment for many common and debilitating symptoms that are often overlooked by doctors. Some of these symptoms include exhaustion, stress, foggy thinking, weight loss, sleep disturbances, and so much more. These ailments are treated by getting to the root cause of these complex conditions. Often, people with symptoms like these are suffering from hormonal imbalance. BHRT is a natural and simple method for correcting these complex issues.

What is the WePellet Program?

WePellet offers a 12-month optimization program to help patients achieve their health goals. By creating a customized program, each patient will receive individualized provider care, accurate dosing, graded health scores to track progress, vitamin injections, and personalized WePellet nutraceuticals shipped to your door step every month. Check out all of the benefits the WePellet Membership has to offer.

What is the weight loss program?

WeBe Slim is a three to five week weight loss program that focuses on detoxing the body and trimming fat. This program is designed to not only help patients lose weight but also to help them maintain that healthier weight for the rest of their lives. With individualized provider care each patient receives a nutritional program, progress tracking consultations, supplements, vitamin injections, and much more.

What are the WePellet Nutraceuticals?

Every Wepellet service offered is supported by specially formulated Nutraceuticals to help optimize and maintain a healthy body. The WePellet Nutraceuticals are high-grade supplements containing the highest quality ingredients. By equipping our patients with the necessary tools for success, they are able to feel their best and maintain optimal results.

We're Just Better...

By offering a selective amount of services.WePellet providers are able to give individualized patient care and ensure optimal results.

Simple Program

The WePellet 12-month program is designed to give each patient the safest and most optimal results to maintain a healthier you.

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