Weight-loss can be one of the most frustrating, defeating, challenging things we try to accomplish in our adult life. With over 1 in 3 adult Americans classified as being obese or overweight, it is an epidemic that continues to lead to significant health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and many different types of cancers. Significant weight loss can increase baseline testosterone levels in men, lower glucose levels and regulate metabolic syndromes. Until now, most weigh-loss medications have come with their fair share of significant side effects like constipation, dehydration, and even cardio-toxicity, increasing blood pressure and the chance of having a cardiac event. All of this is about to change now that revolutionary weigh-loss peptide, Semaglutide, an FDA approved medication, is taking the nation by storm.

This therapy can really only be described in one way, GAME CHANGER ! Semaglutide therapy has been studied for over 20 years for diabetes management , and now is being used off-label for weight-loss. With a very high safety profile, and only limited transient side effects, Semaglutide therapy is a real , attainable option for anyone looking to lose a substantial amount of weight. In fact only 7% of those participants studied had to discontinue use of the medication for any reason. Most reported any side effects, most commonly gastrointestinal in nature, lasted only 3-5 days before completely resolving. In 18-24 month trials , patients were noted to have lost 15-20% of their body fat, which translates to 35-46 lbs!! Prior to this amazing therapy, the only option available to achieve such drastic results was surgical intervention, which can be cost prohibitive and dangerous for many candidates.

While brand name Semaglutide is available such as Ozempic and Wagovy, to name a few, insurance coverage is limited and the medications can be very expensive, if you are able to get your hands on it at all. With more and more clinics turning to compounding pharmacies to source the miracle drug for their patients, the programs are much more affordable and attainable.