Eat Nutrient Rich Foods, Most of the Time:

Indulging at a party is fine, but when you’re not at an event, stick to healthy foods you know. Try to think 80:20, and you will be more likely to digest well and get the most nutrients from meals and snacks.


You know by now that a healthy gut, with plenty of diverse friendly bacteria, is vital for optimal health. Don’t forget to take your Daily Edge dose pack daily with your pre and probiotic !

Get Plenty of Fiber:

Fiber has many benefits—more balanced blood sugar, heart health, staying full longer, so getting enough is very important. Be sure to take in plenty of both soluble fiber (found in oats, carrots, apples, beans and more) and insoluble fiber (think vegetables and nuts) in meals and snacks all day.

Stay Hydrated:

It’s always crucial to stay hydrated,  but getting adequate hydration during the holidays is even more crucial, since you may be eating richer foods than usual or indulging in more alcohol. IV Therapy is a MUST during the holidays to keep your body and mind functioning at it’s highest level!


Getting enough quality sleep is key to good health, and it’s directly connected to your gut. Gut health is directly linked to brain health and the brain regulates sleep. WePellet’s exclusive Light’s Out formula supports a restful nights sleep even during the stressful holiday season!