What Is Lysine?
  • Lysine (also known as L-Lysine) is an amino acid or building block of protein essential for growth and tissue repair. Contrary to other amino acids, our body cannot produce lysine, so we need to get it through other things like the nutrients in our diet and other supplements.
  • Lysine intake improves our immune function, promote calcium absorption, and supports the formation of collagen. Lysine also contributes to carnitine production (a chemical that can turn fatty acids into energy).
What Is Lysine Good For?
  • Lysine is extremely beneficial for the Immune system with significant anti-viral effects. In fact, in one study done using Lysine for the treatment of cold sores, often known as fever blisters, Lysine was shown to completely resolve the symptoms of the virus in participants.
  • The study reported that 40% of participants had healed their cold sore symptoms by the third day of starting the Lysine. The results increased to 87% participants by the sixth day and 100% of all participants by day 11.
    Similar results from Lysine can be noted for minimizing the length of colds, flus, and other viral infections.
  • Lysine is even thought to prevent SARS-CoV-2 and IAV infection, particularly in the entry stage. This means that the amino acid is not only very powerful for fighting off viral illnesses, but in the instance of COVID infections, can even be considered an extra layer of protection for prevention when supplemented.
  • Lysine can be taken orally, but for fastest results and consistent absorption, many wellness centered medical centers will administer Lysine in either an IV or an injection. Both of these deliveries allow for direct absorption into the blood stream, and Lysine is known to have very little, if any chance of side effects after administration.  Contact a specialist in IV nutrition therapy to see if Lysine , or other options for optimizing nutritional supplementation may be best for boosting your immune system, and overall health and vitality.