Scalp Hair loss can be one of the most embarrassing and frustrating things that either a woman or a man can deal with.  Scalp hair loss can occur at almost any age, and there are many different potential reasons, so it is important to try to determine the root cause when deciding what route to go to mitigate the symptom.

One cause of scalp hair loss that is very prevalent today in both men and women of all ages is viral illness. While any viral illness can cause an onset of hair loss that can last anywhere from 6-9 months after infection, covid infection was noted to be especially likely in causing this undesired side effect. Typically the hair loss is not noticed until around 2 months after infection, and in the instance of covid has even been reported after vaccination from the illness. It is believed that hair loss associated from viral illness is an immune response to fever , and can unfortunately last for several months, long after a person has recovered from the initial viral illness. When this is the cause of your hair loss, often wellness physicians will recommend supplementation to boost and support the immune system. These nutrients are typically administered orally, injected into the muscle, or given by intravenous infusion, and include : zinc, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), lysine, and b vitamins including biotin, which is a known nutrient for supporting hair, skin , and nails.

Another major cause of scalp hair loss is hormonal imbalance. Natural times of hormonal decline , like menopause, post pregnancy, andropause, or other times of rapid hormonal decline, can all cause scalp hair loss issues. In addition , hair loss can sometimes be a side effect of hormone replacement therapy, especially if you are on synthetic hormones. If a person is creating too much DHT, a form of testosterone that is responsible for this symptom as well as unwanted hormonal acne , oily skin, or unwanted facial or body hair. When hormonal imbalance is the cause of the issue, often your wellness physician may recommend saw palmetto or milk thistle , to lower DHT and balance hormones, and support healthy hair growth. These nutrients also improve the other unwanted side effects that may be associated to an over-conversion to DHT. DIM is another nutrient which is supportive of liver detoxification and estrogen balance in both men and women. This nutrient can also assist in alleviating these types of unwanted symptoms. If hormonal decline in general is causing the hair loss, getting your hormones checked by a hormone specialist , and replacing any deficiencies using bio-identical hormones can improve the problem drastically!

A slightly more invasive , yet highly effective and innovative treatment for scalp hair loss is PRP or stem cell therapy. In PRP therapy, your own blood is drawn and then spun, separating your Platelet Rich Plasma, rich in stem cells and growth factors, which are then used in a combination of injection , topical application, or sometimes micro-needled into the scalp to promote regrowth. This treatment stimulates your own healing response to actually regrow the hair and improve the health of the existing hair follicles.