Hormones Needed For Anti-Aging:

Aging can be a blessing and a curse. Although wisdom comes, so do the aching joints, lack of energy, and wrinkles. In today’s list of hot topics, ‘anti-aging’ is at the top. Luckily, with today’s research and science, the key to anti-aging is within your reach. Hormones are a top factor to help the aging process.

Hormones are these chemical messengers within our human bodies that keep our bodies in function. From regulating metabolism and growth all the way to controlling immune health and reproduction, hormones are a large part of all that we do physically.

Many people don’t know that along with human growth hormone and DHEA, Progesterone, testosterone, estrogen and cortisol play large roles in the aging process. If the balance is off in any of your hormones, it can play a large role on your body and mind. These signs are sometimes referred to as “classic signs of aging.”

With many treatment options out there in today’s world, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement therapy is the newest and hottest trend because of its safe and successful treatment process.


 DHEA is a hormone that is produced from cholesterol by the adrenal glands inside of the body. Specifically, this hormone alone plays a major role in the formations of a persons sex hormones – estrogen and testosterone – it also activates the transformation that takes places as the body grows and matures.

When you reach your mid to late twenties, DHEA gradually declines naturally. This then contributes to the aging process in your body. By age 70 an average person has less than ten percent of the DHEA they had in their twenties. DHEA therapy is very helpful when it comes to treating immune disorders, weight gain or obesity, memory loss, osteoporosis and chronic fatigue.


 There are many functions that progesterone serves to the human body in both men and women. This is vital for regulating sleep, as well as improving immunity and functions of the brain. In women specifically, progesterone is an essential hormone to the reproductive process. Throughout a woman’s life, she will experience many fluctuations of progesterone. This being said, an imbalance of this hormone can lead to the classic symptoms of aging, such as lack of sleep, mood swings and confused or forgetful thinking.

This hormone also serves as a precursor hormone that converts estrogen, testosterone or cortisol on the steroid hormone pathway. If a person has low levels of progesterone in their body, this can lead to increased levels of cortisol and low levels of sex hormones. This will then lead into negative side effects such as impaired immune function, and other issues that are associated with hormone imbalance.


The human growth hormone is very important for normal development and overall maintenance of the body’s organs and tissues – especially in children. Human growth hormone increases tissue growth, enhances muscle mass and improves bone density throughout a person’s life.

Many people and children are commonly treated with hormone therapy with human growth hormone because of stunted growth or hormone deficiencies. In few cases, human growth hormone may be deficient in an adult and not just children.

When HGH is prescribed, it comes in the form of a powder. This powder may also be used with a diluting solution that can be used for injections as well. This powder is the only formula that has been approved by the FDA. Out of the many HGH sprays and pills that are on the market to be bought with out a prescription, it is seldom proving them to be effective.


 In the group of hormones that are known as androgens, testosterone is the main hormone of the group. Testosterone is usually associated with men, but testosterone actually serves functions in both men and women.

Testosterone is the hormone that affects men in many ways. For example, this is what deepens the voice during puberty, activates the growth of facial and body hair, increases sexual drive, and is the subject for sperm production. In comparison to aging, testosterone is a major contributor to energy, moods, memory, muscle mass, muscle strength, and sexual performance and stamina.

Balancing testosterone in women is key. This is because it plays a role in how much they weigh, energy, mood, and the amount of sex drive they have. With out this hormone in their bodies, gaining and sustaining lean body mass can be challenging. With an increasing age and decreasing testosterone level, impacts of weight gain and lack of sex drive begin.


Generally, Estrogen is in reference to the hormones, estradiol, estriol, and estrone. Each one of these has a diverse chemical structure and function. Similar to testosterone, estrogen plays a part in the physiology of both women and men. Estrogen however, plays a much larger role in the aging process for women than it does in men.

Primarily, Estrogen in the female body activates the growth and development of sexual characteristics and reproduction. Along with this, estrogen generates the changes of the breasts during adolescence and pregnancy and aids the growth of the uterine lining during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle. Estrogen is very important to a woman’s body functions. It protects women from heart disease and colon cancer. It also is the regulator for several metabolic processes. A few of these processes include, cholesterol levels and even bone growth.

As for the gentlemen, estrogen helps with the facilitation of the many physical changes men go through wile experiencing puberty, such as hair growth on the face or chest, muscle growth and deepening of the voice. Just as estrogen does in women, it also helps protect men’s bones and brain.


Hormone imbalances are often linked to the cause of advanced aging. There are several ways to go about treatment for hormonal imbalance, such as synthetic patches, synthetic creams, synthetic injections, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Many people are turning to bio-identical hormone therapy because of its tailored and precise dosing for each individual patient. Being a leader in hormone replacement therapy, BioTe Medical provides information and resources for people who are interested in this process.

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