Andropause and Menopause: The Tortoise and the Hare?


When we talk about the differences between andropause and menopause, the story of the tortoise and the hare comes to mind. Andropause tends to come on slow, yet steady and persistent, leaning into worsening symptoms like fatigue, hormonal weight gain, erectile dysfunction, anxiety, insomnia, and even depression. Menopause is like the hare, fast and furious, often leading to a sudden and severe onset of symptoms like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, insomnia, lack of libido, hormonal weight gain, night sweats, mood swings, lack of mental clarity, and even heart palpitations and chest tightness.

Although andropause may lead to significant symptoms slower than menopause, this is not always a good thing, as often times it can prevent male patients from seeking out bioidentical TRT or male testosterone replacement therapy, early on , when their production begins to decline in the early 30s. Men begin at age 30 to lose 1-3 % of their total testosterone production per year, while women lose up to 30% of their total testosterone production per year after age 35. It is a common myth that testosterone is a male hormone, however it is extremely important and beneficial to women too.


Men begin at age 30 to lose 1-3% of their total testosterone production per year

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Testosterone and estradiol combined in the treatment of menopausal symptoms , in a natural non synthetic form help to improve body composition and function. Balanced hormone levels are healthy for the heart, blood glucose levels, bone production, and also produce up to 50% more Nitric Oxide in the body, which is like your body’s crude oil. Nitric Oxide provides energy to every tissue and cell in your body. Nitric oxide fuels you, and your hormones fuel Nitric Oxide!

It is important to understand the benefits of supplementing bioidentical hormones vs synthetics.


Bioidentical hormone replacement has not been clinically shown to produce harmful side effects like their synthetic counterparts. In fact, when dosed appropriately , and monitored by hormone experts, bioidentical pellet therapy has been shown to even protect certain tissues in the body, like the breast and the prostate, from the rapid growth of abnormal cells. Androgens like testosterone, even cause faster cell death of those harmful cells in those types of tissues. This means that supplementing testosterone at the onset of andropause and menopause, can actually be preventative in the formation of those abnormal cells!


Women lose up to 30% of their total testosterone production per year after age 35

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