Let’s Talk Magnesium!

  • Are you prone to Headaches? Constipation? Anxiety? Insomnia? Leg Cramps? The truth is all of these can be symptoms of being deficient in Magnesium!
  • The benefits of taking a Magnesium supplement are overwhelming, and have been studied for many years. Magnesium is one of the most abundant minerals in your body.
  • Much of it goes toward helping to build bones and muscle, but you also need magnesium to produce energy, control blood pressure and perform many other critical roles.
  • Neurologists, physicians who specialize in neurological disorders, frequently will recommend Magnesium for migraines, and often find that supplementing works better than other pharmaceutical agents, or enhances the benefit of those medications so that greater results are noticed.
  • “One study found that people who took magnesium supplements had migraines on 43% fewer days than others given the empty placebo pills. Several of the other studies found that magnesium users had fewer migraine attacks than nonusers.”
  • Taking some forms of Magnesium by mouth in large doses can lead to stomach upset , so it is important to take the right type of Magnesium and the right delivery for you ! WePellet offers oral, injection, and IV magnesium treatments to get you feeling optimized, FAST! Call your local office today to see if you may benefit from the powerful benefits of Magnesium!