Pollen counts are at an all time high all over the country. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, there are natural ways to boost your defense! Here are a few natural ways to knock out your seasonal allergies, and get back you feeling like the best version of you!!

1. Optimize your Vitamin D. Vitamin D injections are ultra potent, quick , and effective. Optimal Vitamin D levels are crucial in helping your body fight off triggers from seasonal allergies. Vitamin D can activate certain regulatory immune system cells that prevent the release of chemicals that cause and worsen allergic diseases.

2. Formulas rich in Vitamin C, Quercitin, Achinacea , and Andrographis, vitamins and herbs that boost immune system and actual kill viruses and bacteria, are crucial during allergy season to combat inflammation from allergies and prevent co-infections. They also help to fight off the common colds, flus , and viral infections. Try our Immune Edge formula, carefully designed with your Optimal Immune system in mind!

3. Keep your weight and diet at a healthy range. Studies have shown that maintaining a healthy diet rich in whole foods significantly increases your ability to fight inflammation, which can be increased due to allergies. If you are struggling with your weight and diet, call your local office to find out more about the multiple ways we can help you optimize your weight and lifestyle. Programs like our revolutionary Semaglutide can get the weight off sustainably, and keep it off for good !