One of the biggest endocrine disruptors in our body is STRESS.

Stress makes our body produce less of the beneficial hormones in our body that keep us balanced, body, mind, and spirit.

Even minor stresses such as mulit-tasking, balancing career and family life, and environment all create chronic stress in our body by increasing our stress hormone , cortisol.

Daily stress is a daily attack on our hormones.

Cortisol is our body’s Stress hormone

Released in times of prolonged or high stress, cortisol is a response to our bodies “fight or flight” response mechanism.

High levels of cortisol for prolonged periods of time can affect our other hormones in a negative way.

Unbalanced hormone levels can have many symptoms.

Testosterone and cortisol are known to have an inverse effect on each other in the body. This means that is times of high stress, when cortisol levels are abnormally elevated, testosterone levels decline as the body pulls back on the production of other hormones to keep up with the high current demand for stress response.

High cortisol also lowers estrogen levels, which can result in the deposition of fat, also sometimes called that “menopausal middle.” When estrogen is lowered from unrelenting stress and cortisol production, all the female hormone imbalance symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, sleep problem, mood swings, anxiety , and depression.

As cortisol is produced from progesterone , increased cortisol output will  ‘steal’ progesterone and cause its decline. This causes increased irritability, increased levels of inflammation which present as body aches and pain.

When this happens, after a sustained period of time, symptoms and side effects of the consistent elevated stress and cortisol levels start to arise. Some of these symptoms include:



Mood swings

Difficulty with Weight Management

Poor Sleep

Night Sweats

Decreased Libido, Difficulty enjoying sex

Poor response to exercise, poor muscle recovery

Brain fog/ poor memory


When these symptoms arise, a simple blood test done by a medical team specializing in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, can determine if replacing certain hormones would better manage your symptoms and help your body respond to stress.

Pellets are Bio-Identical hormones , derived from plants and smaller than a tic tac, about the size of a grain of rice. The are made up of testosterone or estradiol. Pellets help to restore optimal hormone levels and minimize or eliminate the symptoms of low hormones.

Pellets help with symptoms like brain fog, hot flashes, poor sleep, anxiety and depression, mood swings, lack of energy, and decreased libido.

Pellets are different from other forms of hormone replacement because they offer low dosing at a 24/7 delivery rate. This keeps levels optimal for 3-4 months for women, and 4-6 months for men.

Pellets are a very safe therapy and have been around since the late 1930’s/ They are the longest studied form of hormone replacement therapy to date.

There are several studies showing the health benefits of hormones for the breast, heart, bone and brain tissue.

Testosterone and Progesterone are both linked to breast protective properties and have even been shown to cause cancer cell death in medical studies.

Bio-identical hormones are safe and effective, and much different from synthetic hormones taken orally or topically.

Pellets are the only form of BHRT therapy available that mimic the testicles and ovaries. Within 24 hours of insertion, the body begins to absorb the hormones into the bloodstream where they will be released 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Unlike the other forms of BHRT, with pellets there is no “roller coaster” effect.

Pellets are released by your cardiac output, which gives out just the right amount of hormones, at just the right times.

Pellets last an average of 3-4 months for Female patients, and 4-6 months for Male patients.

Symptom relief occurs from 24 hours after insertion, and continues through 3-4 weeks post insertion for first time patients.

Improvements from pellets can continue to increase for the first 1-3 years after being pelleted the first time, getting even better over time.

Lifelong health benefits can be seen from pellets when staying consistent with the therapy like cardiovascular protection, Alzheimer’s prevention, osteoporosis protection, and much more!